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Mr Freeman's Class

Mr Freeman’s Class

Our class is a mix of year 7 and 8 pupils, 8 boys and one girl. We are currently being taught by Miss Rollins with support from Miss Mills and Miss Rook. Mr Freeman is our normal class teacher but he is currently completing training at a mainstream school in Lincoln, but will be back later in the school year.


We are a very friendly group and we try hard to be kind and caring towards each other. We enjoy going outside during our choosing times to play football, use the remote control cars and catch up with our friends from other classes.


We are a bunch of mathematicians and keep the adults in our class on their toes during the maths lessons. Practical lessons are also popular, such as Design Technology, where this term we are making a phone holder. PE is also a popular lesson, this term we are working on our fitness levels (there has been some very achy muscles the following day!)


In literacy we are currently undertaking a book study on Georges Marvellous Medicine. We are enjoying reading this book before our breakfasts each mornings. We have also been working hard using our Literacy knowledge to create a magic potion poem of our own, which was lots of fun, but very messy!


We all try to support each other in our class, and understand that sometimes others may have things on their minds and may need a little extra time or support from staff or sometimes each other.