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Miss Brown's Class

Miss Brown’s Class

Introducing our staff team! Miss Brown, Miss Mills and Mrs Fowler. 

REAL Projects



REAL Projects is a design for learning that connects deep subject content, from a variety of subjects, with real world problem solving. Each REAL Project aims to make learning authentic, whilst enabling the students to create extraordinary work that matters. 
So far, our over-arching themes have been, ‘GET PHYSICAL’ and ’GRAND DESIGNS!’

Find out more here!   

This year, we have studied the human body and created a training booklet for the KS3 teachers, so they could take part in the lunacy run. The KS3 teachers appealed for help from the students - we had become very unfit over the 6 weeks holidays!

With the students’ help, we were able to complete the Lunacy obstacle course!

(picture of teachers at finish line - Dave Vinter has this photo)

In term 2, we stuck with the ‘GET PHYSICAL’ theme and researched into the 2016, Rio Olympics. The KS3 department converted in ‘Athena News Room’, which acted as a base for our reporting upon the controversial issues that arose during the Olympics. We ended the project by creating a news report using green screen technology!

Here is an example of the final result!

Last term, we went on a voyage with Charles Darwin to discover his theory of evolution and compared this to other creationism theories. 


This term, we are reading and analysing the play, ‘Blood Brothers’. We will be discovering the background of the story, including the socio-economic issues that affected the characters during that time period. 
Students will produce character profiles, analyse settings and themes linked to each character and develop their comprehension skills through discussing and writing about these in detail. Students will also write to analyse the text using methods to enable them to write with structured and detail. This will prepare KS3 students for analysis of GCSE texts.
 A large emphasis from this term forward is grammar and punctuation. A lesson a week will be dedicated to perfecting basic punctuation and then introducing higher level material to enable students to use punctuation for affect.     


This term, we have continued to study shape; perimeter, area and volume. Some students have used equations involving Pi to calculate circumference, and area and volume of circles and cylinders. An emphasis has been made on problem solving and reasoning, in order for students to understand the reasoning behind why the equations work.

Relationships & Sex Education

Due to our book study, we are running a mini project alongside the English lessons this term. We have combined KS3 biology and the new PSHE curriculum in order to create our new RSE topic.

During these lessons, students will learn about the physiology of the human reproductive anatomy, which will lead into work on studying relationships, blended families and the beginnings of puberty. Students will develop understanding on how this can affect us physically and mentally. Students will also be exposed to controversial issues such as body image in the media vs. law and discuss subjects such as sexual orientation and sexual attraction. So far these lessons have been incredibly successful.

Physical Education

This year, our class has P.E. on Thursday afternoons. We have recently changed the P.E. uniform, so we are asking students to wear the P.E. polo shirt and grey hoodie with dark sport tracksuit bottoms or shorts. Clean trainers will also need to be brought to wear as part of the P.E. uniform. 


Homework has now grown from optional to compulsory this year! We have created a noughts and crosses style homework board, where students can choose which homework they would like to complete. All the homework available is linked to the learning in class during the term. Prizes can also be earnt if students complete a full house of homework (all of them)!

Students are expected to complete at least 3 pieces of homework per term. If these are not completed we will assign time in class to complete these pieces of work. Adults in class enjoy helping and challenging students with their work!

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