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Mrs Wyles' Class

Welcome To Mrs Wyles' Class

The adults in Mrs Wyles’ class are:

Mrs Wyles- Mrs Wyles is the teacher, her favourite subject is English and enjoys reading in her own time and also loves reading book studies that the class learn to dissect. She also enjoys spending time with her husband Matthew and her son Aidan; and is awaiting the arrival of her second child soon!  

Mr Barbosa- Is one of the TA’s in our class. Mr Barbosa enjoys cooking in his spare time; he learnt his skill during his time as an RAF chef. He uses his skill each Tuesday to teach cooking to the ks4 GCSE group. In his spare time, Mr Barbosa is known as Skip, as he runs local Scout groups, his sons love to join him in this interest. 

Mrs Pritchard- is another of the TAs, she is a big animal lover, she has one cat and has recently adopted two more! She has worked with children for many years and enjoys every minute. Mrs Pritchard enjoys being creative with the children and loves to play games during choosing time. 

This half term:
This half term the pupils are focusing on a book study of Blood Brothers; it’s is a story of twin boys who are separated at birth and meet at different points of their lives. The class are looking to answer questions as to why Willy Russell (the author) has made comments on society with the play and what certain characters represent. 


The class are also focusing on RSE this half term, where we are focusing on personal health and hygiene alongside puberty and reproduction. They are enjoying the mature themes that this half term requires.