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At Athena Secondary School we aim to provide a creative, inclusive, challenging and real-world curriculum that inspires future thinkers, innovators and problem solvers in an immersive environment that stimulates and supports high quality learning. We believe in making all learning purposeful and meaningful and in order to achieve this our 3-year rolling cycle at KS3 is planned around REAL projects.

REAL means

R = Rigorous

E = Engaging

A = Authentic

L = Learning

Our cycle are available for you to view by downloading the following diagrams:

The key features of a REAL project:

  • The project idea is generated from the teachers and/or students interests and passions
  • Has an 'essential' open-ended question
  • Has a real-world, real-life outcome
  • Is tuned and tested by other teachers for rigour and clarity before it is taught
  • Requires students to produce multiple drafts of their work
  • Involves structured adult/peer/expert critique
  • Culminates in a final exhibition to an authentic audience

REAL projects allow teachers to create lessons and activities around a single complex enquiry that leads to a high quality end product that is exhibited to an authentic audience. Projects are rigorously designed and planned to cover all aspects of the national curriculum whilst at the same time providing a rich, real life learning experience. This way of learning allows our students to develop their own self-confidence and creativity, as well as develop skills that prepare them for a world outside of school.

To find out more about REAL projects visit or please get in touch – our details are on the contact page.


KS4 - Compulsory subjects

All pupils at the Athena Secondary School will study these GCSE courses in Y10 and Y11.  At the end of Y10, pupils will be assessed on progress and it will be decided whether a GCSE or an Entry Level in these subjects is most suitable for them.


GCSE English Literature

GCSE English Language

GCSE Maths

GCSE Science

In addition, the students will also study these compulsory subjects but no exam will be given.


Sex Ed


Religious Studies

Physical Education

Options Year 10

Prior to starting Y10 pupils choose one options from each row.  This will make up their personalised curriculum.

GCSE History

GCSE Geography


GCSE Food Technology

GCSE Media Studies


Options Year 11

Pupils entering Y11 in September will be one year through their KS4 options and will be following one option from each row

GCSE History

GCSE Geography


GCSE Product Design

Entry Level 3  Motor Vehicle

BTEC L1 Food Technology

Entry Level French

Entry Level 3 Environmental & Conservation Studies



2017-2019 Exam Specification links (our current Y10’s)  

2017-2019 Exam Specification links (our current Y10’s).

Latest news:

Science Week 2018

The students at Athena school have thoroughly enjoyed Science week this year. Monday began with the library taped off as a crime-scene; a mess had been made and clues had been left behind. It was down to the students to discover who had committed the crime – the theft of Mr Smallcombe’s precious Star Wars toys.