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Mrs Wyles' Class

Mrs Wyles, Miss Tachtara and Miss Holliday

Starting this half term as Year 11 we are preparing well for the future with a busy term ahead. We started this school year by focusing on what may be our future after leaving school.

Are any of our pupils interested in construction?

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The question was answered by visiting the annual Construction Event at the Showground. Pupils had the time to try plastering, bricklaying, learning how to use a drill and screws. Students also spoke with the Army and learned how they work and had the chance to create their own keychain.

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Focusing on the future, we are also slowly starting to think about GCSE exams.

In English we are covering article writing and writing about different purposes which will be key in the English language exams.

In Maths we are currently revisiting our number skills by looking into multiplying and dividing numbers with decimals and working with fractions.

In Science we are looking in the ecosystem where students can understand living organisms, biotic and abiotic factors. Pupils had the chance to visit the South Common and investigate the distribution of species using a transect and quadrats.

Construction, Art, Cooking and Computing are also our focus this year. Students prepare for their adult life and gain BTech Qualifications for their work.

In PSHE we are also looking into Gang Culture and its effect on families.

Thinking of the stressful future and alongside everyone’s hard work, we are trying to fit in some class fun this half term too to reward everybody for their hard work and progress this term. So far, we had a relaxing Friday afternoon, where we had the time to learn how to take care of ourselves and we all shared and learned some tips on skincare.

Becky Wyles Careers and Further Education Coordinator

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Latest news:

Think Sharp Mural

Our school was approached by Sleaford Police station, asking us if we could produce a mural to promote Knife awareness week.