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Miss Pritchard's Class

Miss Pritchard, Miss Alves and Miss Dickinson.

Welcome to 11B!

Our class team is made up of Miss Pritchard, Miss Alves and Miss Dickinson. Miss Pritchard is the Key Stage 4 (KS4) science teacher and our class maths teacher. Miss Pritchard joined Athena in 2017 as a TA (following working in Childrens’ Services and charity roles supporting children with additional needs) and then completed school centred teacher training with the school. She has worked with KS4 since 2018, teaching science and maths since 2019. 

We are in our third term of KS4 and the class have been working hard as they continue to adjust to the workload and expectations in Year 10 and 11. Pupils are working towards a range of entry level, functional skills, BTEC and GCSE qualifications. We finished the last term in maths studying studied statistics and different types of chart/graph sequences. This term we have begun looking at sequences and will soon be moving on to probability. In English we have been exploring gothic stories and gothic writing, examining how writers create tension. In science we have begun our second chemistry unit and will be looking at how to use scientific processes to separate mixtures. We have looked at filtration, evaporation and crystallisation and will be moving on to investigate chromatography, distillation, and electrolysis. In PE this term the pupils will be making the most of the weather (fingers crossed!) as they explore athletics.

Throughout the year we have been enjoying getting to know each other in class and building friendships with our peers. We have particularly enjoyed our Friday afternoons where we participate in class activities. So far these have included:

· various group games: rapidough; the yes no game; poetry for Neanderthals; bingo.

· STEM activities: building ramps and jumps for RC cars; changing the colour of fire in the lab; class competition to see which team could build the strongest Lego bridge (the winning bridge could take the weight of a human!).

· cultural activities: ultimate chopstick ninja challenge; taste testing food from other cultures (mystery snacks from Japan!).

· planning and preparing for school events such as Red Nose Day 2023.

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