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Mrs Logan's class

Mrs Logan

Welcome to Class 1. 

Our staff team is Mrs Logan, Miss Taylor and Miss Monteiro. 

Term 3 is a very exciting term! We are going to be embarking on an adventure full of history, science and all things evolutionary! Throughout the project, we will be learning about Darwin's incredible theory of evolution. This topic interweaves science with history and english. We will be researching what Darwin's theory has meant for scientific theory and how species evolved to become who we are now. We will learn about his revolutionary journey on the HMS Beagle and what he found when visiting many different islands. To showcase our learning, we will be writing autobiographies and diary entries as if we are Charles Darwin and finishing off with a calligram for display. Our key question will then be answered; How did Darwin change our world?
In Maths, we will be recapping and extending our learning in geometry and measure. Geography will be looking at ecosystems. Religious Studies will begin to teach us about Islam and the beliefs of Muslims and PE is our most exciting topic as we will be learning how to backflip on an Olympic sized trampoline!
It is going to be a wonderful term!

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