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Miss Mills' Class

Miss mills and Miss Keogh

Hello from Miss Mills Class,

Class 10B have got on really well in their first term of year 10. Going from key stage 3 to key stage 4 there are quite a few differences, the biggest one we needed to get used to was the slightly later lunch time, which we have now got used to.
As a class we are enjoying our options that we picked such as History, Geography, Art, DT and cooking. In English we have been doing travel writing and have made a new display in our class room. Maths, we have been looking at BIDMAS and decimals. Science we have been understanding how to use the microscopes and been looking at slides of animal and plant cells. In PE we have done volleyball which we have all enjoyed and got stuck in, just moved on to basketball.
For choosing we are enjoying making some of our own games, monopoly, chess, scrabble, a magnet game, angry birds build and crash game, these are going well in pairs and groups.

Thank you 

Miss Mills Class