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Swap Shop


Swap Shop

"We have set up a Swap Shop at Athena School, which we hope will help parents and carers out during these difficult times, where the cost of living is soaring and show our commitment to being environmentally-friendly. There is no money involved and we encourage students to come and have a look at the items of clothing and footwear available and swap it, for something that they no longer want or have grown out of. 

All of the items are of good quality and some are even new, with the labels still attached! 

Pupils do not have to swap like for like, so for example, they might take a school jumper and give a pair of trousers, in return. 

The Swap Shop operates on a Friday afternoon during term time and students are requested to speak to Karen, who will accompany them over to the sports building, where the items are displayed and stored."

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