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Family Support

Hi, my name is Mrs Houlton, my title here at School is Child and Family Officer. My job is to help parents and children in lots of different ways.

Being a parent or carer at times is a hard job for everyone and at times we need a helping hand. That is part of my job to offer support and advice where I can.

I can offer support in lots of different ways. This might be lending a listening ear over the phone, signposting you for other support or it could be you coming in to school to meet with me or me coming to your home to talk about things in more depth. I want you to feel comfortable and for it to be a positive experience to get the best outcomes for you and your child. If home and school work together, this gives the best outcomes for your child.

I can also support you and identify any problems by completing an Early Help Assessment (EHA) this describes the arrangements and services that are on offer to help you and your family. It is about bringing everyone together and talking with you about the best way to give you the help that you feel you need.

I look forward to working with you.
Mrs Houlton

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