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Our Generation. Our Vote

Athena School took part in the youth mock election that took place a week before the UK general election 2024. The project has been an exciting opportunity to support children and young people to have their say and share their views on the issues they care about.

Our Generation. Our Vote. is a political literacy education programme culminating in a mass-scale election specifically for young people under 18. It took place across England and Wales in the lead up to the 2024 UK General Election.

Click here for the video results

Who voted?

Young people voted across primary and secondary schools and youth groups in England and Wales. One priority for Our Generation. Our Vote. was to involve young people who are underrepresented in politics.

  • 62.85% had not received education on politics before this project
  • 39.67% were young people of colour or from an ethnic minority background
  • 34.55% were eligible for free school meals
  • 25.17% had additional learning or special educational needs
  • 5.49% had experienced care

Issues affecting young people’s votes

As part of Our Generation. Our Vote. young people were encouraged to think about the issues that would affect their voting choices.

  • Education (21.57%)
  • Health (18.30%)
  • Climate and Environment (17.85%)
  • Cost of Living (16.05%)
  • Safety (12.46%)
  • Immigration and Refugees (7.68%)
  • Other(s) (6.08%)


Votes for the East Midlands:

  • Labour Party - 32.87%
  • Green party - 29.07%
  • Liberal Democrats - 13.42%
  • Conservative Party - 9.36%
  • Reform UK - 9.36%