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RSPB Gold Award Winners:

RSPB Gold Award Winners:

This year in KS3 we all achieved a gold award in the summer term. We completed tasks from 18 units. 9 of those units were experiencing nature and 9 of the units were helping nature. This allowed us to see how we can help the environment and how wildlife effects the way we live. Experience nature Some of the things we took part in were...

Bird watching while on a trip to Doddington hall.

Looked at insects under a microscope.

Minibeast hunt then looked at them under a magnifying glass.

Looking at different habitats including woodland and pond at Doddington hall.

Looked at natural items under the microscope including feathers, leaves and flowers.

Flower dissection.

Using quadrants to look for different plant species within the school fields.

Write poems and diary entries rom trips to Doddington hall and Hartsholme.

Helping nature Some of the things we took part in were... Made a compost heap.

Made leaflets and posters or an endangered species.

Made fat balls for the birds and hung them outside.

Made bird boxes, hedgehog homes, bee houses.

Planted wild grass seeds.