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Mental Health Resources

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Mental Health Resources

Welcome to Athena School's Mental Health Resources page. Here you can find a variety of useful materials to support the mental health of our pupils. Please use the dropdown menu to navigate this page.

Check out the dropdown section below to find a host of valuable mental health and wellbeing resources.

Kooth – free, safe and anonymous online advice for young people

Kooth is a free mental health resource, where you can access safe, anonymous support for children and young people aged 11-24 years.

If you are concerned about your child’s emotional or mental health, the following two websites offer support, including an online counselling service and a parent helpline:

Kooth – free, safe and anonymous online advice for young people

XenZone is a provider of online mental health services for children, young people and adults. Kooth, from XenZone, is an online counselling and emotional well-being platform for children and young people, accessible through mobile, tablet and desktop and free at the point of use.

Online counsellors: Monday to Friday 12pm to 10pm; Saturday and Sunday 6pm to 10pm.

You can access the Kooth app from your phone, and support is available until 10pm. Read the exerpt from Kooth's website below to learn more about them and the services they offer.

About Kooth

Kooth is the UK’s leading digital mental health platform for under 18s. Founded in 2001, the service now provides mental wellbeing support to hundreds of thousands of young people, available in more than 80% of England and Wales.

The service is commissioned in local areas by Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) which allow young people to access it free of charge, whilst staying completely anonymous.

Once a user visits the site, they are able to access peer support through discussion boards, access a library of 100,000+ help articles and even talk to a counsellor live via chat, free of charge.

Have a look here to learn about Kooth's #DontDoItAlone campaign.

Take a look at the link below to learn more about Kooth.

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Young Minds

Young Minds – children and young people’s mental health charity

Young Minds Parents helpline: 0808 802 5544 Monday to Friday 9:30am to 4pm

Mental Health Support Team Podcast

The MHST has created an exciting new podcast for Children and Young People. The podcast will include hints and tips on promoting positive mental health and discuss different ways to get involved with our monthly awareness topics. We hope you enjoy listening to our podcasts and we look forward to hearing what you think. If you would like to give some feedback you can click on this link: MHST Podcast Evaluation Questionnaire

Below are just some of the many podcasts to listen to:

    MHST adds a new podcast each week, so keep checking back here to listen to their latest releases. You can also find them to listen to on

    MHST have also just released their Summer/Autumn newsletter - you can read it here: Autum term MHST school newsletter.

    NHS Mental Health - the five ways to wellbeing

    The 5 ways to wellbeing are a great place to start for anyone who is struggling with their emotional and mental health and wellbeing. They are:

    • Connect
    • Be Active
    • Keep Learning
    • Give
    • Take Notice

    Further details can be found here:

    Psychology Tools

    For those of you with time to look at something more lengthy with guidance on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) exercises, a guide entitled ‘Free Guide to Living with Worry and Anxiety amidst Global Uncertainty’ can be found here:

    Educate Against Hate

    Educate against hate Information and support for parents/carers on the issues surrounding extremism and radicalisation and how to protect your child.

    Disrespect Nobody

    Disrespect Nobody. Find out about health relationships, relationship abuse, consent, rape and pornography

    Youth Mental Health Day

    Youth Mental Health Day is on 19th September. See below a guide on how to connect meaningfully for adults.

    Youth Mental Health Day Guide for Adults

    Athena School and Wellbeing Plans

    2022 - 2023 Athena School Dates of Importance / Events for MH and Wellbeing:

    The following dates will be acknowledged by Athena School, with both pupils and staff, to contribute towards our whole school approach to Mental Health and Wellbeing. The immersion of different Mental Health and Wellbeing topics across the school calendar helps to normalise dialogue amongst staff and pupils regarding Mental health and will hopefully contribute to positive wellbeing for all.

    2022-2023 Academic Year


    10th September

    World Suicide Prevention Day

    16th September

    National Teaching Assistant’s Day

    Send postcards from pupils / Celebrate teaching assistants / Token of appreciation

    12th to 18th September

    Sexual Health Week – to be included in RSE/PSHE

    19th September

    Youth Mental Health Day

    20th to 25th September

    International week of happiness at work

    Staff wellbeing focus / Opportunity to launch social ideas for the new academic year


    All of October

    Black History Month – to be included in history planning

    Themed conversations / Link in with history / KS3 REAL projects

    5th October

    World Teacher’s Day

    Send postcards from pupils / Celebrate teachers / Token of appreciation

    10th October

    World Mental Health Day / Athena Mental Health Week

    Activities / focus days each day / fundraising day for ‘Mind’ / use themed resources from Mind - stick to their annual theme.

    The official theme is ‘Make mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority’ and we’ll be exploring how we can put mental health at the top of our personal agenda, and how to create social and work environments that are conducive to looking after number one first.

    10th to 14th October

    National Work Life Week / OCD Awareness Week

    Breakfast activities / discussions

    11th October

    National Coming Out Day – LGBT+ Group

    Discuss with LGBT+ group / Use as opportunity to publicise the group as open space for pupils


    All Month

    Men’s Health Awareness Month

    2nd November

    National Stress Awareness Day

    Stress discussions / workshops for staff and pupils

    7th to 11th November

    International Stress Awareness Week

    Strategies to cope with stress / Mindfulness, fitness activities, planned wellbeing activity

    13th November

    World Kindness Day

    Random acts of kindness / Athena kindness challenge

    14th to 18th November

    Anti-Bullying Week

    Workshops / structured conversations

    Anti-Bullying Week (

    19th November

    International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day

    International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day | AFSP

    25th November to 10th December

    16 days of activism against gender-based violence


    2nd February

    Time to talk day

    Resources shared for breakfast time

    6th to 12th February

    Children’s Mental Health Week

    Discussions / activities carried out throughout the week - evidence collected

    8th February

    Safer Internet Day - E safety ambassadors

    Liaise with E-safety ambassadors - resources shared

    17th February

    Random acts of kindness day

    Dates TBC

    28th February – 6th March

    Eating Disorders Awareness Week


    8th March

    International Women’s Day

    17th March

    World Sleep Day

    Prepare resources for discussion of the importance of sleep for Mental Health at breakfast time

    23rd March

    National Day of Reflection

    Breakfast chat / PowerPoint / resources sent out

    31st March

    International Transgender day of Visibility – LGBT+ Group

    Prepare resources for breakfast time conversations / discussions / Discuss with LGBT+ group


    Whole of April

    Stress Awareness Month

    Mental Health and Wellbeing Padlet shared with staff / Stress workshops for pupils


    13th to 20th May

    Mental Health Awareness Week

    Mental health week, daily focus discussions at breakfast time, more events for Friday.

    21st May

    World day for cultural diversity - included in Rainbow Day

    Breakfast time discussions on Friday.


    1st June

    International Children’s Day - Half Term

    Children’s rights and wellbeing. Class assemblies and activities.

    12th to 16th June

    Healthy Eating Week

    12th to 18th June

    Men’s Mental Health Week

    Info shared with staff. Discussions in class.

    Dates TBC

    20th June to 30th June

    World Wellbeing Week / Athena Wellbeing Week.

    Activities planned for staff / care packages / no meetings / wellbeing activity on Friday

    Wellbeing activities for pupils - visitors? Mindfulness etc.


    30th July

    World friendship day

    Latest news:

    Our Generation. Our Vote

    Athena School took part in the youth mock election that took place a week before the UK general election 2024. The project has been an exciting opportunity to support children and young people to have their say and share their views on the issues they care about.