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Cultural Capital

Cultural Capital within Athena School

What is Cultural Capital?

Cultural capital is defined as the accumulation of knowledge, behaviours, and skills that a student

can draw upon and that demonstrates their cultural awareness, knowledge and competence and is a

main factor in helping students to be successful in society and the world of work.

We recognise that for students to aspire and be successful both in society and academically, they

need to be provided with a range of opportunities that will develop these skills. Within Athena

School this is completed through our curriculum, school clubs, trips, and visits, as well as careers


There are six areas of development that inter link and contribute to the building a ‘well rounded’

student. These are:

1. Personal Development

2. Social Development

3. Physical Development

4. Spiritual Development

5. Moral Development

6. Cultural Development

Our main priority is supporting our student’s education to enable them to be the best that they can

be in this ever changing and diverse society, as this will enable them to have equal opportunities to

live, learn and achieve.

Personal Development

Careers and information programme

Personal, Social and Health Education curriculum

Careers Ambassadors

LGBTQ+ group

E-Safety Ambassadors

Mental Health and Wellbeing Ambassadors

Mental Health and Wellbeing activities throughout the year.

School Jobs Rota


Transition support and Induction

Social Development

Nurturing Breakfast time built into the school day.

PSHE curriculum

Charity and Fundraising events

School Council

Healthy Schools’ Accreditation?

Access to counselling

Nurturing Lunch time

Guided reading groups.

Physical Development

Football coaching by Lincoln City

PSHE and RSE curriculum

Food Technology curriculum

Healthy Eating policies?

Anti-bullying and Safeguarding policies


Wall climbing

Spiritual Development

Religious Education curriculum

Tutor Time activities of faiths and festivals

School visit to the local Mosque and Church.

Moral Development

Religious Education curriculum

Local Nature Campaign

Tutor Time Activities

Behaviour Management Programme

Contributions to local, national and international charitable projects.

Cultural Development

Tutor Time Activities

Promotion of racial equality through school ethos.

Access to the languages and cultures of other countries through the curriculum and school trips and


Latest news:

Think Sharp Mural

Our school was approached by Sleaford Police station, asking us if we could produce a mural to promote Knife awareness week.