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Acknowledge the past, manage the present and work hard towards the future.

Our Head of School


“I have worked in SEMH provision in Lincolnshire since 2003. I feel passionate about providing pupils with a positive nurturing environment, secure attachment and a creative immersive curriculum. This is with a view to ensuring pupils have all the ingredients they need to set them up to be well rounded individuals, with positive contributions to make to society and most importantly be able to lead a happy and fulfilled life.”

Think Sharp Mural

Our school was approached by Sleaford Police station, asking us if we could produce a mural to promote Knife awareness week. 

Our year 10s & 11s, attended a discussion about knife crime and their views were very important as it served the basis of the designs they produced. 

We talked about words associated with the topic and began to convert those words into designs. Once we had several different designs, we then photocopied them onto clear film to be projected onto the boards. The pupils then drew the designs onto the boards, ready to be painted. 

The pupils used their own choosing time to come to the Art room and paint the mural until it was completed.

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RSPB Gold Award Winners:

This year in KS3 we all achieved a gold award in the summer term. We completed tasks from 18 units. 9 of those units were experiencing nature and 9 of the units were helping nature. This allowed us to see how we can help the environment and how wildlife effects the way we live. Experience nature Some of the things we took part in were... 

Bird watching while on a trip to Doddington hall. 

Looked at insects under a microscope. 

Minibeast hunt then looked at them under a magnifying glass. 

Looking at different habitats including woodland and pond at Doddington hall. 

Looked at natural items under the microscope including feathers, leaves and flowers. 

Flower dissection. 

Using quadrants to look for different plant species within the school fields. 

Write poems and diary entries rom trips to Doddington hall and Hartsholme. 

Helping nature Some of the things we took part in were... Made a compost heap. 

Made leaflets and posters or an endangered species. 

Made fat balls for the birds and hung them outside. 

Made bird boxes, hedgehog homes, bee houses. 

Planted wild grass seeds.

RSPB 291x204

Lincoln now has a community Grocery:

Community gorcery wide 1536x576

Community grocery Lincoln

There is an annual membership of £5.00 per year. It is £4.00 a shop and you can do up to 5 shops a week.

It is to be open Mon-Fri 9.30 am to 4.30 pm and is at

Beaumont Manor



They have a Facebook page – Community Grocery Lincoln and can be contacted via their page linked above..


Lincolnshire Pace Parent Webinar Flyer

What Parents and Carers Need to Know about Fortnite Chapter 4

Fortnite logo 1F7897BD1E

Super Mario Bros, Sonic the Hedgehog and Pokémon before it, Fortnite is one of those video games that’s carved out a place in more mainstream pop culture, beyond consoles and computers. You’ll almost inevitably have seen Fortnite-branded merchandise, from clothing to backpacks to action figures – while the developers, Epic, are reportedly exploring film and TV options.This welter of spin-off products and media projects suggests (not inaccurately) that Fortnite’s fan-base tends toward the younger end of the age spectrum. This, as our #WakeUpWednesday guide points out, entails parents and carers keeping a watchful eye open for hazards including phishing scams, expensive in-game purchases and inappropriate language over Fortnite’s audio chat.

As of January this year, Fortnite was registering as the second most-played video game by pre-teens in the US, ahead of Minecraft and closely behind Roblox. Consider also that one in five (22%) Fortnite fans devotes a minimum of 10 hours per week to the game, and that 77% of Fortnite players have made at least one in-game purchase.

Clearly, habitual repeated Fortnite marathons and the likelihood of spending actual money on that ‘must-have’ new weapon or outfit are among the most frequent risks for young gamers. As this week’s #WakeUpWednesday guide outlines, however, those aren’t the only potential hazards in Fortnite that that trusted adults need to be mindful of.

Download your guide

Science Fair

Throughout the term Key Stage 3 pupils have been learning about forces, within the last three weeks of lessons they have been planning their own investigations based around a particular topic. 

Pupils have worked extremely hard with this and have had lots of fun in the process of testing out there inventions. 

When it came to the Science Fair there was nothing but enthusiasm from our students demonstrating the knowledge that they had gained to explain their experiments to both parents and carers, along with physics students from our school as well as the University of Lincoln. 

Pupils also had the chance to have a go at an pendulum experiment that we did not have in school, which was great fun too.

We would like to thank the effort made by everybody to make this event a success, it was just a lovely afternoon.

Leaping to the Call.

Science fair experiment leads to a surprising outcome. On the success and immense interest in his ‘Moon Shoes’, one of our Year 7 students has taken it on them selves to use this interest to start a collection for the British Heart Foundation. Charging 50p a viewing/demonstration; so far, the student has managed to collect over £11 and the total is still climbing.

We are incredibly proud of his ingenuity and creativity, not to mention his altruism.

Truly inspiring.


Red Nose Day 2023:

The link below is for the Schools Red Nose Day Just Giving page:


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Lincolnshire Co-op is to run a month of careers-related activity at Athena School in Lincoln.


“Swap Shop” – clothes wanted!

The Swap Shop at Athena is open every Friday between 1pm and 2pm.

Where you'll find decent quality clothes, shoes and uniform, that can be exchanged for other clothes, shoes and uniform, of a similar or even better quality. No money will be involved in this venture and it will be an environmentally friendly way, where we can help the students and their families, without it costing them a penny. The Swap Shops will be held on a Friday afternoon each week and it is our aim to get as many students involved as possible. To keep this project replenished, we are asking staff and any parents or carers, if they have and are prepared to donate, any items that still have good life left in them. Please bring any donations into school and either speak to or e-mail Karen Hann, if you require any more information. Many thanks, in anticipation of your help.

'We need you to help our school community'

Peer mentoring will continue throughout the whole year. You can nominate any time, so please do start using the form.

This is greatly appreciated by all the pupils and will have really positive outcomes.

WE NEED YOU nomination letter for all front of school

Supporting our parents/carers to support their child's mental health.  

Here at Athena School we know the importance of supporting our pupils and their mental wellbeing, we do this in lots of ways in school. We also know it is just as important to ensure that the pupils' parents & carers have a good understanding of how to do this too, to ensure a holistic approach and to get the best outcomes for all.

We work with the Mental Health Support team (MHST). We can refer pupils to the service and they can signpost us to varying support to cover lots of areas of mental wellbeing and the struggles our young people face. We have set up two parent drop-ins with the team so that parents and carers can get support and strategies and ask questions about their child.

If you wish to discuss the support further, with a view to a possible referral, please contact the school office in the first instance. 

Please see the link below.

To book in for an appointment, please initially contact the school office and leave your name with them and your availability - we will then send you a team link or book a face to face appointment time through the MHST depending upon which you prefer.
If you are not available on these dates, still please do get in touch and we can arrange a time more convenient for you.
If you have any question or queries about any support you feel your child or you may require, please don't hesitate in contacting the school.

We look forward to hearing from you and this being a real support to you for your child.

Mental Health Support Team

Online Support for Parents and Carers

The following link is to support parents and carers with the various trends and fads that are often present on the internet. We understand that some of these issues can cause concern for parents and carers, as not everything on the internet is appropriate for every age group. The National Online Safety page provides support and advice for parents and carers who may be concerned about the material that their children are accessing online.

You can find the website here.

If you are struggling to access this information, please contact the school and you will be provided with a paper copy.


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