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Mrs Kreczak's Class

In Biology we seperated the brain into the main four lobes - frontal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe and temporal lobe.

Mrs Kreczak's Class

11a is a small group of pupils supported by Mrs Kreczak and Mr Stanley, the class is based in the Art and Design room and pupils are studying towards their GCSE exams. Pupils in Mrs Kreczak’s group are taking options in Art and Design, BTEC Home Cooking skills, Preparation for working life, Motor Vehicle studies and Environmental and Conservation studies.


Y11 – GCSE Maths 

We have exploring interior and exterior angles in maths. Jake discovered a formula for calculating interior angles ‘(n-2)x180’ and surprised himself!  We have been using our knowledge of opposite, alternate, allied and corresponding angles to calculate unknowns.


In English, the group are beginning their revision for their GCSE exams. They've been doing Macbeth so far, looking at themes running through the play and will be looking at characters next. Then they will be moving on to a Christmas Carol.


In History, the group have moved on to Paper 2. Their topic is Health and they have been looking at medicine through time from medieval to modern day. This is a really interesting topic and covers some quite disgusting stuff!

Year 11 – GCSE Biology

The students have been looking at how the brain works and which part is responsible for different functions.  We’ve had a great time finding out about the brain and have consolidated our learning by making ‘brain caps’.  See photos.

We now know loads of fun facts such as the brain weighs an average of 2-3lbs!  It is made of 60% fat.  The brain is bumpy to increase its surface area.  If you’ve got a bad memory, you can blame your ‘Hippocampus’.

Year 11 - GCSE Art and Design

Pupils are currently developing their chosen exam question and will sit their Fine Art exam after the Easter Holidays. We have worked on different themes such as Identity, Natural Forms and surface for our coursework and have recently enjoyed a trip to Skegness where we gathered Photographs to use as part of our exam preparation work. 



Since the Christmas term all pupils have had the opportunity of engaging and developing with in the sporting topics of Badminton followed by gymnastics.


During Badminton all pupils have been working towards expanding and applying advanced shots/strokes with the correct techniques. They have also be working towards consistently demonstrating precision and control when performing. Badminton can be an extremely frustrating sport and so pupils have also had the opportunity to develop, demonstrate and explain physical and mental components whilst encouraging peers throughout.  There have also been occasions where anaylsis and evaluation of individuals has taken place in order to offer support and enhance performance. This term was positive throughout all age groups with some exceptional performers shining through amongst the year 10’s in particular.


We are midway through the current term of gymnastics where pupils have been working towards creating a sequence/routine. Pupils have demonstrated an understanding of performance, safety and preparation for gymnastics.  They have also selected, combined and performed skills, actions and balances, improved the consistency, quality and use of their skills. Many pupils have also been working and having some fun with certain pieces of apparatus which has evidently been a great confidence booster for many. We are also transcending into Trampolining which many pupils are excited about.