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School Uniform


School Uniform

School Uniform

Fortuna School provide each child with a book bag with no charge. Currently, the school jumpers are £7.99 and school t-shirts £5.99. The costs of these are reflective on suppliers and are liable to change. Any changes to cost will be noted on Fortuna School’s website.

Athena School charges £8.50 for grey school polo shirts, £12.50 for Athena teal jumpers, £14.50 for P.E. hooded tops and £10.50 for P.E. polo shirts.

Latest news:

Science Week 2018

The students at Athena school have thoroughly enjoyed Science week this year. Monday began with the library taped off as a crime-scene; a mess had been made and clues had been left behind. It was down to the students to discover who had committed the crime – the theft of Mr Smallcombe’s precious Star Wars toys.