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Science Week 2018

The students at Athena school have thoroughly enjoyed Science week this year. Monday began with the library taped off as a crime-scene; a mess had been made and clues had been left behind. It was down to the students to discover who had committed the crime – the theft of Mr Smallcombe’s precious Star Wars toys.

Throughout Monday some crime scene investigators came in to do a workshop with the kids. They showed us how they find fingerprints and footprints and how fibres and hair molecules are collected and investigated at a real crime scene. Each student was able to identify the different types of fingerprints they have and were able to make themselves a keyring with their own fingerprint.

Using this newfound knowledge, the students were released into the crime scene in the library and began their investigations. Several clues were identified: Some bandages and a medical sheet, GCSE history books, footprints, an empty diet coke bottle and more. Using this information some suspects were uncovered and the real investigation begun. As the days went by more evidence was found and the students were able to use fingerprints of the suspects and do handwriting and footprints checks.

Alongside exciting ‘rocket’ experiments and detective-mystery-themed creative writing, the week was ended with an interesting spin! Whilst most of the collected evidence lead us to believe the criminal was Mrs Charlsworth from the office; her motive being that her husband likes Star Wars so she had stolen them for him - Miss Robson found post addressed to each class, which gave the final evidence which lead the students to believe that it was Mr Smallcombe himself! The students are awaiting an apology but have thoroughly enjoyed putting their newfound forensic science skills and knowledge to the test with the Star Wars mystery, which was a fun and educational day for everyone at Athena School.