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Special Educational Needs Report

This report has been compiled in compliance with:

  • Section 69 (2) of the Children and Families Act 2014 regulation 51
  • Schedule 1 of the Special Education Needs and Disability Regulations 2014
  • Section 6 of the Special Educational needs and disability code of the practice: 0 to 25 years. 

Athena School is a special provision, which caters for pupils with Social, Emotional Mental Health difficulties. All pupils who attend Athena have an Education, Health and Care Plan. The school’s admission policy outlines how pupils are admitted to the school, this can be found on the school’s website.

The staff team consists of the Senior Management Team (S.M.T), 8 teachers, 2 trainee teachers and 15 Teaching Assistants. In addition to this we have a Child and Family worker.

The Governor responsible for SEND is Carol Callinan.

Curriculum and Learning Environment 

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum runs on a 3-year cycle. We have introduced a range of stimulating new topics that cover all objectives from the new curriculum and engage our children.  These are delivered through the REAL project which is an alternative approach the curriculum. The topics allow for immersive learning to take place, really bringing each theme to life for the children. In addition, the children’s learning environments are transformed to reflect the current topic, creating an exciting and appropriate to context environment, in which to learn.  Through clear objectives and exciting and innovative teaching and learning, children become immersed in their topic and develop the skills they need to become independent learners; finding out answers to their own questions.   

To ensure progression for all of our children, the curriculum is arranged into key stages.  As children progress throughout the school they will cover Key Stage 3 and Key stage 4 objectives, as appropriate to their individual needs. This may include the use of objectives from Key Stages 1 and 2.

Pupils are taught English and Mathematics in line with their academic ability. English lessons have a clear format, teaching spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG), as well as using a wide range of genres. These genres are based on the main topic, allowing children to be taught, practice and develop these skills through guided and shared work and also independent tasks. 

Mathematics is taught using a very clear progressive skill based curriculum. Pupils are taught the skills and given opportunities to apply this through independent learning activities.

In Key Stage 4, children are given the opportunity to work towards GCSE qualifications. They also have access to BTECs, Entry Levels and Level 1 and 2 qualifications depending on their ability. Children also choose their options, which include History, Geography, Media Studies, Environmental Studies, Product Design, Physical Education and Art, along with the statutory core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science.

Additional Support

The Senior Leadership team are responsible for the SEN provision throughout the school which is in addition to the support the pupils receive through their EHC Plans. This additional support is planned for by the pupils’ class teacher under the guidance of Miss Rollins and Miss Trought, focusing on areas, which have been highlighted through teacher assessment and analysed by Mr Mills (Assessment Coordinator).

Athena also buy in support from the Specialist Teacher Team to assess those pupils who staff identify as having difficulties accessing the curriculum, which is beyond the level we would expect at Athena. 

Weekly support from a Psychotherapist is also available and is considered on an individual basis.

Staff Training & Expertise

All the staff at Athena are highly skilled in working with children with emotional and behavioural difficulties. One INSET per year is dedicated to child development and working with vulnerable pupils. 

All staff are trained in the use of Team Teach, with one of our Teaching Assistants being qualified trainers.

The following training has been accessed by staff in the last two years:

Training TitleAttendanceImpact in school

Team Teach

All staff

All staff are trained to use Team Teach as a form of physical intervention to keep the pupils, staff and environment safe

Raising Challenge in the classroom

All Staff

Staff are more aware of how to raise challenge and independence in pupils learning – to be moderated through lesson observations and work scrutiny

First Aid

All Staff

All staff undertake First Aid at work. Two members of staff are trained in further First Aid.

REAL Project

All Staff

Staff are trained in the REAL project, an alternative approach to delivering the curriculum.

Amy Winehouse

All Staff

All staff receive training from the Amy Winehouse Foundation who deliver life stories and workshops to our pupils.

E Safety

All Staff

E Safety sessions are accessed by our pupils and this includes staff training on identification of pupils at risk online.

Emotional Development and Trauma

All Staff

Delivered by our Psychotherapist, training is focused on how trauma can effect emotional development.

Medication administration training

Two members of staff

Training to ensure that medication such as paracetamol is given correctly and safely.

Online training

All staff

A wide selection of training that focuses on areas such as Radicalisation, Suicidal Thoughts and Abuse.

Improving emotional, mental and social development 

All of the pupils who attend Athena have social, emotional and mental health identified as their primary need on their Education, Health and Care Plans. As a school we follow the nurture curriculum which:

  • Recognises that the children may be emotionally and socially functioning as much younger children and need to consolidate their early learning experiences within school.
  • Enables children to acquire the necessary skills to play and interact constructively within their peer group.
  • Meets the developmental needs of the “whole” child.

Staff use the Boxall Profile to assess the pupils developmental and diagnostic levels. The information from this is then used to target support, resources and experiences on an individual basis, meeting the child at the appropriate child development stage. 

Equipment and facilities

Children in years 7 – 10 are taught in classes of between 8 and 10 pupils with a teacher and two teaching assistants per class. In year 11, children have one teacher assistant. 

Class groups are carefully considered by the SMT, thinking about each individual child’s emotional development level, educational levels, previous school experiences, friendships and relationships. 

Parent / Carers Involvement 

At Athena, we work closely with primary carers to ensure that they are fully involved in their child’s education and well being. We have a strong emphasis on home and school working together to make holistic change. To establish continuity between home and school, the Child and Family Officer works with both the child and care givers.

Athena are committed to ensuring all of their pupils attend school on a regular basis and therefore work closely with parents and carers to enable this to happen. This can, on occasion, mean that school staff will support the child with the transition from home to school.

Athena holds regular events that parents and carers are invited to, as well as holding open mornings to discuss pupils progress. These include Careers afternoons, Parents Evenings and informal such events such as the Christmas Fair.

Pupil Involvement

At Athena, we feel that the child’s views on their progress are paramount in them making future success. Staff who work closely with the child will endeavor to relate the child’s views and opinions at review meetings and where appropriate the child will be invited to Looked After Reviews, ePEPs and Annual Reviews. Where a pupil has a social worker staff will always endeavour to relay any worries, anxieties or successes to them. This is also the case for other agencies working with the pupils.

Outside Agencies

Additional support by specialists such as the Speech and Language service, Occupational Health and Educational Psychologist are accessed by referrals made by a member of the Senior Management Team (SMT).

Other agency support includes Hearing Impaired Service (HIS), Visual Impaired Service (VIS) where appropriate and Physiotherapy. 

Higher level support may be commissioned in individual cases such as Lincolnshire Support Service, which may be asked to assess pupils if a concern. Athena may also feel that Forensic Psychology is necessary. Athena also employs a Psychotherapist to work with pupils. All referrals are made by a member of SMT.  

The Amy Winehouse Foundation are actively involved with Athena and deliver to all pupils. Individual pupils are then referred to them to work in small groups or individually.

All staff and professionals involved with the child are responsible for delivering the child’s Educational, Health and Care Plan (EHC). Each child has an annual review, to which all agencies involved with the child are invited. This review assesses the progress the child has made over the year against the child’s targets and objectives as set out in the EHC. Review of the provision is also considered at this review, so that our support is tailored appropriately.

Further Education Transfers 

At year 10 and 11 reviews, the child’s next steps are discussed in terms of the most suitable Further Education (FE) placement. Where possible the college or other Post 16 placement is identified on the plan in preparation for the transfer. Representatives from FE are invited to these annual reviews to give information and advice regarding any matters in FE. 

At Athena, we work closely with the FE placements that our pupils are going to attend after year 11. Pupils have visits and attend open days throughout their final year and staff also attend college/placement interviews if required. Further visits can be made and this is considered on an individual basis. 

In addition to this, the careers coordinator organises careers sessions, which allow many colleges and FE providers to come to the school and speak to the pupils. Pupils are actively encouraged to speak to FE representatives and take away literature for courses that may be of interest. 

As part of a smooth transition, school and FE representatives can also organise for a professionals meeting to share information regarding their EHC Plans, social care or other significant information. 


Pupil Premium and LAC pupils for academic year 2016/2017.

% of PossibleAuthorisedUnauthorised

Whole School for academic year 2016/2017

% of PossibleAuthorisedUnauthorised

EHC Plans, Medical Plans and Risk Assessments 

All pupils at Athena have a full Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC).
All pupils have a risk assessment, which is regularly updated. 


The majority of our pupils are provided with home/school transport. At the beginning of the academic year each pupils’ risk assessment is shared with the transport provider to ensure that all adults supporting and working with our pupils are fully aware of difficult behaviours they can display and the risks involved with this. The aim is to keep our children safe at every point in the school day. Some children have taxi escorts in vehicles to further ensure safety. 

Equality Statement and Accessibility Plan 

Athena School’s Accessibility Action Plan ensures that there are no barriers to learning or educational experiences for any group of children. The impact of the plan is monitored through the assessment of pupils learning, attendance and the evaluation of the curriculum taught. 

Disadvantage Pupils Attainment compared to Whole School
Whole School
  Below Met Exceeded
English 15% 61% 24%
Maths 12% 67% 21%
Science 9% 64% 27%
English as an Additional Language
  Below Met Exceeded
English 0% 0% 0%
Maths 0% 0% 0%
Science 0% 0% 0%
  Below Met Exceeded
English 0% 50% 50%
Maths 0% 100% 0%
Science 0% 50% 50%
Free School Meals (FSM)
  Below Met Exceeded
English 15% 60% 15%
Maths 15% 60% 15%
Science 28% 63% 9%
Looked After Children (LAC)
  Below Met Exceeded
English 0% 86% 14%
Maths 14% 57% 29%
Science 0% 50% 50%

Latest news:

Science Week 2018

The students at Athena school have thoroughly enjoyed Science week this year. Monday began with the library taped off as a crime-scene; a mess had been made and clues had been left behind. It was down to the students to discover who had committed the crime – the theft of Mr Smallcombe’s precious Star Wars toys.